Saturday, April 9, 2011


Little Boys
Little boys come in all shapes and sizes,
Shy and adventurous, full of surprises,
With misshapen halos and mischievous grins,
Small dirty faces, and sweet, sticky chins.
They'll keep you so busy, and yet all the while
Nothing can brighten the world like their smile.
And no greater treasure has brought homes more joy
Than a curious, active, and lovable boy!

I went to pick up Little Man from my mom's yesterday (she watches him on Fridays) and while we were hanging out and catching up, Connor crawled into a little rocking chair. He was having fun swinging in it and crawling on it and I was about 1 foot away from him, when I watched him take a head dive right at the fireplace. Hard. And I mean, really hard.

I scooped him up instantly as he began screaming on the top of his lungs and instantly took him to the kitchen, where I realized he had blood all over his face. I told my mom that he had blood in his mouth and she said, "No he's bleeding in his mouth." It was at that time that I realized that the blood was coming from between his eyes. The gash was so bad that he had blood all over his face and it would not stop and it was filling up his mouth (which was open from crying). At first I was pretty calm. My priority was getting him to calm down and the gash to stop. But when I'd take the cloth off his head and blood would continue to gash all down his nose and face, I got a little panicky. I'm normally pretty calm in situations of stress, but there's something about seeing your child in immense pain with blood all over his face that can make even the most calm mama not calm. Thank goodness my mom was there. While I took Connor directly to the car to go to emergency, she grabbed our phones, purses, diaper bag, etc. She drove while I sat in the back and held the cloth to his head.

Once we got to the hospital, about 10 minutes away, he had mostly calmed down; but the gash was pretty deep and I thought for sure he'd need stitches.

Mr. Howard arrived about 30 minutes later and snapped this photo!
 Then they put an antibiotic numbing cream on his face. They had to bandage up his face to stop the bleeding and keep him from touching the medicine.

After about 30 minutes, they were able to come back in and put the glue and tape on his face. *Apparently a doctor a few years ago started using superglue on cuts and realized it works a lot better than stitches (and doesn't scar), so he created a skin safe version of super-glue to glue cuts together. Miraculous, really! Here's an article from the NY Times in 1997 about the glue* I don't have a photo of what he looks like now because we left a few minutes after they did it. We came right home, ate dinner, and put Connor straight to bed (by this time it was 9pm). I'm sure I'll have a photo today.

After putting Connor to bed, Mr. Howard and I sat on the couch and ate our own dinner and hung out for a bit before we decided to head to bed. I had been having contractions for several hours at the hospital with Connor, but I knew it was because of the stress of everything and of course, dehydration. I hadn't drank or ate anything, really, since lunch and we didn't leave the hospital until almost 8:30pm. By the time I got relaxed on the couch, the contractions were coming pretty regularly - some as close as 3 minutes apart - but mostly staying in the 5-7 range. They weren't consistent, which was good. But they were very strong and they lasted longer than a "false" one should. They were lasting close to 45 seconds each.

Thankfully I just had my appointment for the Pre-term Risk Prevention program and so I knew I should drink 24 ounces of water, lay on my side, and rest. I drank as much water as I could and headed to bed. But they kept coming. There came a point when I thought for sure that Mr. Howard and I were going to have to call our neighbors to come watch Connor - because I thought for sure I was going to have to head back to the hospital. According to the high risk specialist, if I have more than 6 contractions in an hour, I'm supposed to call. I easily had over 10 contractions. If it had been random, I would for sure have called. But I knew why I was having them. I was stressed. I had carried Connor WAY more than I should have. I was dehydrated. And I had simply overexerted myself. So with Mr. Howard's blessing, we tried to fall asleep to see if me being relaxed would stop them. Maybe this was the wrong thing to do, but it seemed better than driving to the hospital and stressing my body out even more.

Needless to say, I woke up a few hours later to pee - darn water - and was contraction free. No babies this week! Thank God!

And now I will take it a LOT easier and allow Mr. Howard and my mom to comfort and hold Connor next time he is hurt instead of carrying him up and down the aisles of the hospital to keep him entertained.

Whew! What a night!


courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

sooooooo glad you didnt call us!! We will ALWAYS be there for you guys no matter what, but am glad we were not needed last night for the reason of contractions!! ;)

Funny story. Went to get Connor ready for practice this am, he had blood all over his knee, asked him what happened, he said he fell on the tile next to the fireplace...SERIOUSLY!?!? Nothing like what your guy did but we took a pic to post on Fil's FB. LOL. BOYS!!!!

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