Thursday, April 21, 2011

LA Zoo

Jen and Brett took us to the Los Angeles Zoo on Sunday before we left. It was such a fun zoo, but Connor was not having it. He had a fever off and on the whole weekend and was by-and-large incredibly fussy. I joked that he was the best birth control ever for Jen and Brett. Of course, we adore Connor more than life - but being a parent to a fussy toddler can weaken the knees of the strongest humans. It's weekends like that when you have trouble remembering what it was like before you had kids. =) We joked that next time we go to the zoo, we'll get a babysitter.

Sunday was the Lakers NBA Playoff Game One (yep, they lost...ick). So Mr. Howard and Connor wore their Lakers shirts to the zoo.

Jen, Mr. Howard, and Brett
Connor and Daddy petting the goats 
 More Goat Petting
 Seriously, this goat looked like he was smiling. When you go into the animal-petting part, they give you brushes. All the kids were welcomed by this goat and in return, they were all brushing him. What a life!
 Jen, Brett, Daddy, and Connor
 The true side of pregnancy - I need a face transplant (I get such a wide face when I'm pregnant). Eeek! With Connor it would have freaked me out and I wouldn't have posted the photos. But now, as I told Jen, I am embracing it! How blessed I am to have a body that allows me to carry two tiny humans!! And in turn for a ginormous face, God has blessed me with a "pretty tummy" (or so Allison tells me).
I cannot end a post without calling out my wonderful husband. I truly, truly hit the husband lottery. Stay tuned for an entire post about how wonderful he is, but in the meantime...Really, what would I do without him? You can see from all the photos from the weekend, he held and loved on Connor the whole time. Part of that is because Connor is going through a phase where he wants NOTHING to do with about heartbreaking...but the other part is that he just steps up and does what he needs to do. It was very hot (almost 80 degrees) and I was struggling with all the walking, grouchiness, being out of my routine and he just stepped up. Everyday I thank God for bringing him into my life; but I am even more impressed with his Daddy abilities. He is SUCH an amazing Daddy and I cannot imagine having handpicked a better person to be Connor's dad.


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