Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Doctor Appointment

I had another doctor appointment today. My doctor and I (she recently had a baby 5 months ago) were joking about stretch marks and how I can't see the bottom of my belly anymore, while she was taking my measurement and I totally forgot to ask her how big I am.


Blood Pressure: GOOD!! 117/80. Can you believe it? Even with Cole, my blood pressure was high right from the beginning. And then of course, with Connor - I was induced due to high blood pressure.
Heartbeats: Aiden was in the low 150's. Isabella was in the high 140's.
Ultrasound: Both babies had a good amount of amniotic fluid. They can't see kidneys (can't or don't...not sure). They only use the ultrasounds to find the heartbeats, but I always ask them to look at amniotic fluid.
Upcoming: I have my one hour glucose test and bloodwork scheduled for two weeks from now. I also have a growth ultrasound scheduled for May 4th. I'm thinking I may get a little more information about Aiden at that appointment.


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