Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Easter

On Friday, my parents wanted to take Connor to an Easter Egg Hunt in their Housing Development.

He decorated eggs...
 While I prayed he didn't get marker on his white Easter shirt...
 He walked around...
 He took photos with Grandpa
 And Nana...
 And both of them...
 He showed off his shirt...
 And cried anytime the Easter bunny even got close to him...
 Isn't the shirt cute? I made it the night before when I realized he had nothing to wear!

Then Easter Morning
The Easter Bunny came with treats...
 For Mommy
 And Daddy
 And a little something for us to remember Cole
 And lots of stuff for Connor (some of these were from Grandma too)
 What a lucky boy!
 He also left eggs all around the house (inside because he knew it might rain)
 He even hid a few in the couch
 Connor had so much fun finding them all
 In his pajamas
 He loved his easter basket from the Easter Bunny and his stuff from Grandma
 Then we got changed and took a photo with Daddy
 And one with Mommy
And then we went to Nana and Grandpa's House where he got another Easter Basket from them 
And ate dinner and took a nap.
We didn't go to church this year because Connor had a cold (although I'm sure the other mommies would have LOVED me if I had infected all their little ones on Easter Day).

Finally we came home to enjoy our treats and build the new cribs that we bought (yep...two more!)!


courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

so cute!! I wanna see the cribs!! Oh and it was a little joke over here this afternoon about when we will get our key back! ;) glad we were able to help out!

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