Thursday, May 26, 2011

31 Weeks

Mr. Howard was working nights this past week, which made sleep a little hard. It's less hard to sleep pregnant than it is to sleep without my hubby.

My Size/Development
I'm still measuring 41 weeks.

The Babies' Size/Development
At this point, the twin's only organ left to be fully functional is the lungs. The twins will start to shed lanugo (fine hair on the body) and instead fill in the hair and eyebrow areas.

I am still pregnant! And as long as I don't walk past a mirror, I feel okay about myself. From the front I don't look so bad.

Random Twin Fact
This is from the book Twin Set (a book a friend gave me). "Sixty-three percent of the moms we surveyed said they had both babies on one feeding schedule during the infant stage, 17 percent did a combination of on-demand and a shared schedule, and 11 percent fed each baby on demand. Only one person admitted she had no schedule at all; in fact, many moms said that not establishing a routine sooner was their greatest twin parenting mistake because of its long-lasting chaotic effect." This will be new to me as we fed Connor on demand.


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