Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bed Rest

Our Little Man is getting so big! I had to include this photo of him, because it's crazy to me that he can actually sit on the couch with us like a big boy. Wasn't he just a couple months old?

 Here I am today...still smiling and VERY pregnant!
Bed rest is going as well as it can go. I had a breakdown yesterday and cried for a while about it; but I'm back to feeling okay today. I know how important it is for me to lay down. I know. I know how much the babies need it. I know I shouldn't feel guilty; but it's so dang hard. I hate watching my husband busting his behind at work, coming home and cooking dinner, taking care of a 2 year old, putting said two year old in bed, doing dishes, and then still having to do his school work - all the while, completely exhausted. It sucks. Mr. Howard drove me to my mom's house a few of the days this week to get a break and get out of the house and I camped out on their couch. That seemed to help, at least in terms of a change of scenery.

I soo wish there was more I could do from my bed. Today I felt a little better because I thought of a few things I could do from bed that helped my overworked hubby out: I folded and put all the laundry on hangers (so that all he had to do was put them away) and I got all the twin's and Connors' clothes that we've been given as gifts on hangers to be put away in the nursery.
My mom, sister, and brother came over for several hours to help too. My mom cleaned our kitchen and did our dishes, while my sister helped me care for Connor. My brother and Mr. Howard painted the big boy room for Connor - WHAT A BLESSING! I think all Mr. Howard is going to have left to paint in that room are the floorboards (we need to paint them white - they were painted different colors when we moved in) when he and my brother finish today.

I'm feeling pretty good. The contractions come and go. I can't seem to pinpoint what brings them on, but on Friday night I thought we might have to head back to L&D because they were coming every 3 minutes again. Thankfully, I took my nifedipine early (the hospital was giving me a double dose anyway) and sat back down and eventually they went away. The newest thing has been the pressure. Aiden, I swear, is going to fall out of me - well not literally, but wow he is low. Mr. Howard wanted to feel him moving the other day, and you could actually feel him kicking me where my thigh/waist meets my belly. Sometimes when I stand, I feel like he is going to come out of me and I'm going to go into labor. It's especially hilarious when Aiden gets the hiccups, because you can almost feel them in my legs.


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