Sunday, May 22, 2011

Connor's Big Boy Room

The photo below is from when we moved in - notice they painted the floorboards red on one side, and brown on the other...the other two walls had different colors too. You can also see the safari border they had at the top and the jean curtains. Can you say HIDEOUS??!!!
 This was after we remodeled the room as a guest bedroom:
 Below is the new color green. I know. Be patient. It looks a little scary, but I promise you it'll make sense. We have a lot of really cute monkey decorations and browns to add to it to make the green a little more subdued. And we wanted a fun, bright big boy room!
 Green Walls:
Eventually our plan is to take down the wainscotting in this room. We attempted it when we first moved in, but they glued AND nailed it to the wall. So if we take it down, it's quite likely we'll have to fix the drywall. This is not a project we're willing to take on when we have twins about to arrive. 

Here is our Revised Big Boy Room To-Do List
Paint the room green
Paint the floorboards white
Buy monkey decorations for room
Buy a brown bedspread for the queen bed
Build the crib for this room
Put bedding in crib
Put monkey decorations up
Clean out closet (currently used as storage)
Move Connor's clothes from nursery to big boy room

Yeah. We still have a long ways to go - but painting the room was one of the harder things we could get crossed off our list!

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