Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Doctor Update

I had a doctor appointment yesterday, but wanted to wait until my glucose and blood panel results came back. I got the phone call this morning, so I thought I'd post (I'm at home early waiting for my growth scan appointment in an hour).

First, I had an ultrasound and the babies look good. They were both transverse yesterday (we'll see what they are in about an hour...they like to move around) with their heads on the right and their feet on the left. Isabella is higher and Aiden is down low. They both have amniotic fluid and their heartbeats are good (Isabella is in the 140's and Aiden is in the 150's).

Secondly, I do not have gestational diabetes. Yay!!

Thirdly, I am officially measuring full-term for a single pregnancy. EEEEEK! No wonder I feel sooooooo ginormous! And yes, I have 9 weeks left.

Fourthly, I have anemia. I know, shocking! Ha! A LOT of pregnant women experience anemia at some point in their pregnancy, but because I am anemic anyway, it did not come as a surprise. I am already on iron supplements, so I guess I have to up them again.

Finally, it is that time in my pregnancy when I need to start to NST's (Fetal Non-Stress Tests). Because my kick-count cards aren't going to really tell them WHICH baby is moving and how often EACH baby is kicking, they opt to do these tests to make sure that both babies are okay. I know some women can tell the babies' movement apart, but because mine have moved so close together and because they often are right next to each other, it is virtually impossible to tell their movement apart. It should give us all peace of mind, but to fit it all in? They want me to do this TWICE A WEEK at the doctor's office!! I can see why they take most women out of work early...just the doctor's appointments alone take up so much time!

As an important aside, it was a perfect day for me to take a half-day from work as this morning we learned that one of our first grade students passed away. I so hope that Cole was there to give him a great big hug. It makes my heart ache...really no other words...ACHE for the mom and dad. I don't ache for him; he is in a better place. But they are left to pick up the pieces. They are left to hug him and cry after he has already gone to Heaven. They are left to decide when they are ready to let him be taken to the morgue. They are left to plan a funeral. They are left to go home and tell his siblings. They are left to worry about whether or not they made the right choices. They are left to write an obituary and tell their friends and family. And no amount of knowing it was going to happen makes any of that easier. I don't know if I will ever be able to hear about a baby or child passing away without stirring up EVERY SINGLE feeling I have for Cole. I literally sobbed and sobbed and sobbed because I just ache for that family. And of course it takes me right back to the exact moment I held my precious son in my arms and had the emotion wash over me of THIS IS IT. This is the last time I will hold you in my arms here on Earth. If you have a minute and you'd like to say a prayer or think good thoughts for them, the little boy's name was Julian.


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