Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Doctor Update

We went to the doctor this morning from about 9:30 and didn't get home until 12:30! These 30 minute NST appointments are taking MUCH longer than 30 minutes.

The appointment went well. I'm still dilated, but no more than I was last Tuesday. The medicine seems to be working pretty well, which is fantastic. The side affects to the medicine, however, are that I can hardly breath. They put a pulse oximeter on me today (that little contraption they put on your finger) and saw that my heart rate per minute is at about 112 (normal should be under 100) and my oxygen saturation is at about 96 (normal would be closer to 100). Luckily if I lay on my side or sit up, those numbers adjust to a little closer to normal - but in some ways it was nice to see on the screen what I've been feeling every time I lay down. It's been a little hard to sleep with my heart racing and now I know I'm not crazy. Even without the medicine, because I'm carrying twins my oxygen saturation would be lower and my heart rate would be higher, but the effect is magnified by the nifedipine.

Texting is so much easier right now that talking on the phone and part of that is just because I seriously can't breath. I called someone yesterday and had to take a break half way through because it felt like I had run a marathon. Because the medicine makes me feel uncomfortable, I've also been trying to sleep so that I don't feel the effects so much. So I'm trying to catch up on phone calls.

I have been taken out of work officially and am to stay on bed rest indefinitely, but I can at least drive myself to doctor appoinments now and can get up a little bit to stretch my legs and get some circulation. It'll be nice not to feel guilty everytime I walk to the kitchen to get water or pee - although I obviously can't go back to what I was doing before going into preterm labor.

The NST went well. The babies' hearts are doing well; they're moving around like crazy; I have enough amniotic fluid; and I'm not contracting anymore than every 10 minutes! So I'm now on NST testing twice a week, a weekly doctor appointment, ultrasounds to measure amniotic fluid once a week, and growth ultrasounds every four weeks...which means that most weeks I will have 3 or 4 doctor appointments. I think I counted 17 appoinments from now until the middle of June. Those nurses and I are going to be best friends! =)


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