Thursday, May 26, 2011

Have You/Your Husband Ever Done That?

So, I had to do a quick worksheet for my students that I completely forgot about. I was working on it in in the bedroom, while Mr. Howard was watching Little Man. It was super noisy out in the living room and I could hear Connor banging around with his toys and such. We had talked about putting him down for a nap, but I could hear them playing, so I figured Mr. Howard had decided he didn't need a nap.

All of a sudden it got quiet...for a while...maybe 15 minutes. I finished my worksheet and came out to sit on the couch with Mr. Howard. He was sound asleep, so I gently woke him up and asked him if he needed to get started on his school work (he does papers and such while Connor is napping on Thursday's - usually I'm at work). He got up and went over to the computer and then said in a panicked tone, "Where's Connor?" Immediately I said, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHERE'S CONNOR?!?"

Apparently Mr. Howard had fallen asleep on the couch and Connor had escaped from the living room (no wonder it got quiet). Any guesses as to where we found him? The guest know the room that has all the paint in it! The room that has plastic on the floors and all the furniture piled up on the bed in the center! Lovely! Now the real mystery is how he bypassed the baby gate that is difficult for us to get through (seriously when we have workers over to the house - we have to show them how to open it because they get stuck).

Have any of you ever done that? Fallen asleep on the job?


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