Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outside Day

Our weather here has been C-R-A-Z-Y! We'll have warm, beautiful days and then really cold, overcast, tornado warnings (there were warnings about a half an hour from our house) type of weather. It is very strange, but I am NOT complaining about the cooler weather. While everyone else is saying, "When are we going to have summer?!?" I'm silently thanking God that it isn't 100+ degrees. When Connor was born, it also was an unusually cool summer - that is, until about late June and July when I thought I might die with my puffy legs, hands, face...who am I kidding? It would be much easier if I was listing the things that WEREN'T swollen from the heat. So, while it's hard to figure out what to wear each morning, I am loving that we'll have a nice day when Connor and I can play in the yard and then another day where I stay in jeans and a sweater all day. Thursday was one of those warmer/get outside type of days!

Our Little Guy
 I don't know who taught him to smell the flowers...but it was adorable!
 I'm so thankful we decided to build this in our yard last year. It has provided hours of entertainment.


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