Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Playdate and A Tiny Glimpse Into Our Future

Last Sunday, Connor had his very first playdate at our house. It was actually the first time we have invited anyone over just for fun. We thought it would be a good way for Connor to get some exposure to someone coming into his house and playing with his stuff and...BOY did it teach him and us a few things.

Connor goes to daycare three days a week and has done so since he was six weeks old. He has always had to share on those days. But there, apparently, is a big difference between sharing someone else's toys and having to share your OWN toys. Connor struggled a little bit with this.

The other big thing was how much easier it is to have two kids than it is to have one. I am 100% positive this will not happen immediately. I am positive that having a two year old and a newborn is not going to be easier than just having Connor, but in terms of twins...Aiden and Isabella will always have a built-in buddy and THEN they'll also have Connor. It was so much easier spending three hours in the afternoon with Connor when he had someone to play with, because they entertained each other. It reassures me that Connor is going to be lucky to have Aiden and Isabella join our family.

We got to play with Connor's Mini Cooper in the backyard and even broke out Connor's Easter chalk.
What Fun!


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