Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Twenty-Two Months Old


  • Connor is SO opinionated. He'll now answer questions with what he wants. For instance, you can say, "would you like toast?" He either responds by repeating your word or saying, "no."
New Words
  • This will be the last month I have this category, because he no longer is saying single words. He's beginning to repeat EVERY single word I say. So if I get him up in the morning and say, "Did you have nice dreams?" He'll repeat, "dreams!"
  • On his own he's using words like "Mine!" (generally he shouts this as he doesn't want you to take something from him that is clearly not his, like my cell phone.
  • "Josh" (the name of his friend from daycare)
  • "Dance"
  • "Toast"
  • "Outside"
  • "Light"
  • I'm sure there's more I'm missing. Every day it's a new word.
Funny Stories
  • Now when he wants you to do something, he vigorously shakes his head "yes!" So he'll say, "Toast... [wildly shaking his head up and down....] TOAST [wildly shaking his head up and down]...TOAST!!!" Or he'll do the same with "Ouside!" It's as if shaking his head yes will somehow convince us otherwise that it's very important.
  • His very first full-blown temper tantrum occurred while we were in Los Angeles in a Target. He got on the ground and screamed. I had always planned for my kids to be embarassed of me some day (heck I'm a 7th grade teacher...I KNOW what teenagers are like)...but I had forgotten that there will be days when they'll embarass me. I wanted to tell people passing by, "I know he's throwing a temper tantrum. But I'm not going to pick him up because that's what he wants. This is a phase he is going through and I promise I'm not a horrible mom. I don't condone this behavior." Instead I stood there red faced and waited for him to walk alongside me.
New Photos


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