Saturday, June 18, 2011

34 Weeks


Sleep? What sleep? Last Friday I counted 8 wake-ups. Saturday, I think, was somewhere around 7. Last night I woke up 8 times and then finally just got up at 5am. Perhaps pregnancy is just the universe's way of preparing you for all the sleepless nights you get when you have a baby (I've said it before, but I actually got more sleep once Connor arrived then I ever did when I was pregnant with him - at least when he's out you have help. My husband could share some of the responsibility).

My Size/Development
I am measuring 47 cm. Wow; Hello hormones! Mr. Howard and I passed an older gentleman who was holding one of those signs advertising a store and I said to my hubby that it made me sad that he had to do that. Then, I burst into tears and sobbed. A few days later we were sitting in the car and a van full of teenagers parked and headed into his store. Mr. Howard explained that they were from the group home and that they shop in the store regularly. He said that they're really great kids, but a couple of them have stolen from him. He explained that he totally understands (not that stealing is right) and that if they don't steal things like candy bars, they don't get them. I burst into hysterical tears. Even as I type it now, it makes me want to cry. I hate that there are children out there who can't have something as simple as a candy bar...let alone someone to hug them and love them and guide them. Yesterday I was watching TV and a commercial came on for the SPCA and I started crying. Cliche, right? The pregnant lady crying at the television! My hormones have increased 10-fold from when I had Connor.

The Babies' Size/Development
The babies are between 17.5-19.5 inches long by now. At the ultrasound Aiden weighed 4 lbs 9 ounces and Isabella weighed 4 lbs 5 ounces.

We are only 2 weeks away from reaching our goal of making it to 36 weeks! Wooo-hoo! Would now be a good time to mention that we haven't even slightly started the nursery? Good thing Mr. Howard's mom will be here soon, because we are going to need all the cleaning/decorating help we can get, to get everything done before Aiden and Isabella arrive!

Random Twin Fact
Because the babies are in their own sacs and have their own placentas, it is possible for both sacs to break independently. So my water may break twice.


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Awww! I cry at everything on TV! No worries! =)

And you are doing so amazing baking those babies Mrs. Howard. You have close to 10lbs of baby in there right now! Also, Taylor was born at 34 weeks and some change (I am pretty sure it was 34w6d) and she weighed 4.9 lbs. As a singleton. Your son weighs that as a twin...that is awesome! High Five! You need to open a poll for birth weights soon! SO exciting!

I know you have been the one telling me if I need anything to ask, but seriously....if you need help with the nursery, let me know. Connor is also totally welcome over here if you need him outta the house for a bit to get it done!

The Vaught's said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You are getting so close, hang in there! I love all of your random twin facts.

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