Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aiden & Isabella

First, did you notice the ticker at the right?!? We are less than 30 days away from meeting the babies! Some of you may have noticed that I updated the ticker. I initially had it set at July 28th (my due date) because I didn't really understand how it worked with twins. I changed it to July 14th, because that is the last possible day they will schedule an induction or c-section (essentially going 38 weeks in a twin pregnancy is the equivalent of going 41 weeks in a singleton pregnancy).

We had our "big" ultrasound today and got some more news. It seems that just as soon as I begin to wrap my mind around something, it changes. I am learning to go with the flow. We are blessed. So blessed to have two babies with non life-threatening issues, but I am extremely frustrated. I will relay the details of the ultrasound to the best of my ability. It's always hard to think of questions in the moment and remember all the details and terminology.

His kidneys have not changed at all. He still has one multicystic dysplastic kidney and one perfectly healthy kidney. He will have to be evaluated after birth to determine if he needs surgery to remove the non functioning kidney.

Well, what we thought was an exophytic kidney cyst, turned out to not be. Unfortunately, it is actually a second ureter (the body part connecting a kidney to a bladder). A normal ureter is rarely seen during an ultrasound; so when it is seen, it generally means it is a second inflamed one. The unfortunate part about this is that if it had just been a cyst, it would have meant nothing; now that it is a second ureter (or duplex collecting system), it will most likely require surgery. Apparently inflamed ureters are prone to developing obstruction, reflux, and infection. We won't know any of the specifics until she is born and an ultrasound can be performed.

Here is what Isabella's Kidney Looks like:

She should only have one ureter connecting her kidney to her bladder

We might potentially have two babies requiring surgery. Eek! We have a referral for a nephrologist consultation (in fact, he already called...but I missed the call, so I will have to call him tomorrow) to get some questions answered. We know they won't do either surgery right away. It could be anywhere from one week after birth to a month. Neither of their conditions are life-threatening, but they are both related to the kidneys and I just don't understand. I have so many genetic questions.


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

sorry you are so frustrated my friend! It is good you caught that early with Isabella! Our friends daughter had that surgery when she was 4 after her umptenth bladder infection and tests showed reflux and that was the ultimate dx.
So that is good that Isabella will not have to deal with those infections and it can be taken care of! =)
I know the mom would be more than willing to talk to you about the surgery her daughter had. e-mail/FB or text me if you want her contact info!

Nina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Praise God they have conditions that are fixable...but I know that doesn't lesson all the questions and uncertainty. Prayers for clarity....and peace. Hugs to you, friend. : )

Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I honestly realize how lucky we are! Having experienced what we did with Cole, we know what bad news can really be. So, I am trying to focus on that!! =)

Courtney, I did some research yesterday and apparently it is the most common prenatal defect (occurring 1% of the time). They wouldn't have even caught it had we not been doing all these ultrasounds. So it's a good thing we know about it and can have a plan in place. Honestly, this is not the worst thing that could happen. =)

I just now want to know genetically what the relationship is. Really, three of our four children have kidney issues and there's not a genetic relationship? Hmmm! Not sure I'm buying it!

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