Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Doctor Appointment

At my Tuesday appointment (I have two appointments on Tuesday and also have a Friday NST appointment every week), my doctor went over delivery with me. There were some things I already knew, but some new things.
  • I will deliver in an OR - Operating Room - no matter what.
  • I always thought twin mamas had to deliver in an OR because of the risk of c-section, but really it's because of the number of people that have to be present and the pediatrics teams prefer the OR for the space.
  • At 36 weeks if the babies are not head down, we start to examine different options.
  • I can have a vaginal delivery if both babies' heads are down.
  • I can still have a vaginal delivery if Baby A's (Aiden) head is down and Baby B (Isabella) is breech. It will just mean that I will have to have a breech extraction (where they reach up and grab Isabella by the feet and pull her out) if I choose. In order to have a breech extraction, Isabella must be the same size or smaller than Aiden.
  • If I am doing a vaginal birth, they will simultaneously be doing an ultrasound while I deliver to monitor the position of the babies. This will also allow them to see Isabella's feet if they need to do a breech extraction (they will use the ultrasound to guide the doctor's hand to find her feet).
  • If I am doing a vaginal birth, as Aiden is being delivered, they will push on my belly (to simulate the space that he was taking up and close it). Otherwise, after Aiden comes out, my belly would have so much space that Isabella could flip herself around and start swimming in there.
My doctor also said that everything else is looking good - blood pressure, weight, size, etc. Afterwards,  I went to my NST appointment. They are supposed to take 30 minutes, but they usually take upwards of an hour. Lately I've been having to undress because Aiden is literally soooo darn low that they have to put one of the monitors on my pelvis to get his heartbeat. While I was there, I had about 5 contractions. They were worried about this, but once I explained that it's totally normal, they decided not to send me to Labor and Delivery. My doctor cleared me until Friday! =)


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