Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Dr. Update

The babies looked great and didn't have a single deceleration the entire time they were on the monitor

I'm still having lots of contractions...shocking, I know!

There was a new nurse there today and she needed to be trained on how to do everything (she used to be a RN in labor and delivery...but it had been several years). So they used me as a twin mama guinea pig to show her how to measure amniotic fluid, how to tell the babies apart on the ultrasound, how to put twins on monitors, etc. So the appointment was even longer than normal. I'm kind of an expert now on certain things so I was able to help her (i.e. she didn't know how to make the second baby's heartbeat come on the speakers...she didn't know how to monitor movement...she wasn't aware that you had to put Baby A on the monitors first...I even helped her find the membrane that separates the babies to show the amniotic fluid pocket for both babies). Honestly, if the nurses left me there, I could put myself on the monitors and do a lot of it myself. Hehe!


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