Sunday, June 5, 2011

Have I Mentioned How Much I Love this Boy?!?

He is in such a playful stage and I am loving it!! He has such personality. Yesterday while I was watching him, he took his pants off for the thousandth time and hid behind the couch for a moment. When he came back around in front of me, he had the pants on his head and was shaking his head horizontally so that the pants would dance in the air. It cracked me up so badly!!! When I'd laugh uncontrollably, he'd push the pants over his eyes so he could see me, laugh with me, and then pull them back down to do it again. Lord, help me! He melts my heart!!

He was wearing a dinosaur hoodie today!
 We can now ask him things and he completely responds and gets it. Today we said we wanted to take a picture of him riding his bike. He said, "Bike!" and went to get on it...but not before he grabbed the camera off the counter and pretended to take a photo of us! It's so funny because before having kids, I didn't get this part about being a mom. I didn't understand how your child can do the most basic thing and to a mom and dad, it's like he's the smartest kid in the whole world. He might as well have won an academic decathlon based on the reactions the hubby and I had!
 He loves to walk over and lift my shirt and "kiss babyeez." Of course, he'll also walk over to Mr. Howard and try to kiss his baby, but at least he's starting to figure it out. At daycare there are two infants the same age (around 10 weeks old) and every day I walk over and greet them and ask Connor, "Did you say hi to the babies?!? You're going to have two of these soon!" Who knows how much he gets, but he'll say "Babyeez" and try to kiss my belly.
 Normally we take my maternity picture on Thursday's before I leave for work, but our routine is a little off. Instead we took it this morning (I just went back and added it to my 32 weeks post) and Connor desperately wanted to be in the photo. It was funny because he had the camera completely figured out. He posed and everything next to me.
My sister got Connor this adorable Pillow Pet Monkey and he has been wanting to take it everywhere he goes. Yesterday he made me get it out of his crib so he could take it with us while we met Daddy for lunch. Today I sent him to timeout for standing on the coffee table (P.S. timeout has really sunk in! I can now tell him to go, and 4 out of 7 times he'll walk over and sit down. When I ask for an apology and hug, he'll offer it instantly). He got down off the coffee table, grabbed his monkey, and ran to the corner where he "sat" in timeout with his monkey.
I am telling you, folks, there is no greater joy than having a child! I never in 12 million years could have imagined how much happiness a little one would bring to my life. I get so much out of my work, so much love from my husband, so much comfort from my friends and family, but just pure, unbridled happiness and joy from my baby boy. I can't wait to see how much it is all multiplied with the addition of Aiden and Isabella to our home!


Katie Taylor said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

He is so adorable! There were so many times that I tried to keep a straight face when telling him not to do something, but I couldn't do it, he's so adorable! I never thought I could love a kid that isn't mine as much as I love him! He's so wonderful! Love you all and I can wait or the 2 new additions to the family!!!

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