Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Update

Last week I measured 42.5 cm and this week I measured 46!!! Holy Moly! Do I need to remind you that I have 5 more weeks to go?!?

Thankfully I still haven't changed in dilation or effacement at all. Yay!

I only have to take the nifedipine until 34 weeks, which is another week and 2 days. I haven't been taking it every six hours because of the reaction it gives me. I try to go as long as I can in between, but when the contractions increase in frequency, I take it again. I absolutely, positively LOVE my doctor because she totally supports what is best for me. When I tell her that I'm doing something different or I've modified something to make it work for me, she always supports me in knowing what is best for my body. I haven't always had that with doctors! I went through maybe 6 or 7 OB's before finding one I love!!

The babies have good fluid and are moving around like crazy! They are both transverse right now...which ever so slightly worries our OB. We still have 3 more weeks for them to move head down before we have to officially start talking about a c-section, but I need to be mentally prepared that it is a possibility.

The babies did well for the non stress testing. They didn't have any decelerations! But it seriously took over an hour to get them on the darn monitors. We did the NST for about 30 minutes, before we realized that they were monitoring the same baby's heart. Grrrr. So, we had to start over. But not before we had to spend about 10 minutes trying to find them on the ultrasound again! They can be such stinkers!

A friend suggested I video their heartbeats. The monitors don't allow me to hear both of my little ones at the same time, so this is Isabella's audio (Isabella's stats are on the monitor on the right). I will try to get a video of Aiden next time (his heart rate is on the monitor on the left). I was by myself and was trying to lay still and video the monitor at the same time.


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Love that sound! So glad you did that!

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