Saturday, June 18, 2011

We are in Heaven

**Can you tell how my bedrest is going? Mr. Howard's brother called the other day as we were on our way to lunch. When he was suprised that I was going with him, Mr. Howard said "Yeah. Her version of bedrest is like no other version I've ever seen." =) I cannot just sit in bed all day. But you should know that everywhere we go, I sit. I never chase Connor around. I never carry him. I go and sit and watch in the shade. Really, how different is that then going to the couch and sitting?!?**

Now, back to the Heaven part. We found THE MOST WONDERFUL park right by our house. It is literally 10 minutes away and it has WATER!!! Connor's not yet quite so sure about the water, but I know that after a few visits, he'll love it. We're planning on going back again tomorrow with some friends and we're hoping he might be a little braver this time. I'm also hoping to convince my hubby to put on his swimsuit and join Connor, but we'll see.

Tell me this isn't amazing:
 Daddy and Connor - Staying Dry in the Water Park
 Trying to Convince Connor that it isn't so Scary:
 Connor Getting a Little Braver:
 Connor Having Fun on the Steps:
All-in-all we're thinking we'll try to head out here a couple times a week this summer. If we get there around 10am, it's still relatively cool and Connor has a grand ol' time before nap!!


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