Friday, July 22, 2011

Aiden & Connor

Mr. Howard thinks I need to feel bad for how hard boys have it with the whole circumcision thing.

I'd like to remind him about the whole menstrual cycle thing we endure EVERY SINGLE the whole pregnancy destroying your whole body the whole "pushing a baby out of you" thing...adding in there the whole "having major surgery in order to deliver TWO babies" thing.

I'm certainly not complaining (because God knows I feel sooo blessed to be able to have a baby), but come little circumcision when you're too little to remember it...yeah I don't think men have it that rough.

Aiden's circumcision went well. Poor guy. It was a longer procedure than I thought it'd be.

Connor was thrilled to spend some time with Nana playing with his new tools!
We're all home, letting Aiden rest, and getting ready to cook dinner! What a day!


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