Monday, July 25, 2011

Connor - 24 Months and a few Weeks

Connor has officially become obsessed with our pool outside. He wakes up every day begging to go in the pool. Isn't he SERIOUSLY adorable in his little hat?!?
 My mom got him these water shoes (below) and he LOVES them! He needs Daddy's help to get them on though, because they're a little tight.
 On Sunday evening we took Connor (and the babies) to the park with Casey, Jessica, Jameson, and Jackson! Connor FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got brave enough to go into the water!! Can I tell you how excited I am?!? =) I think we've been to this park about 10 times now and he always is fascinated with the water but wouldn't go in it...until last night!
 These are camera phone pics...hence the quality.
(Moms, What on earth did we do before iPhone cameras?!?)
 Look at him! I love it!
 Connor also has been in this naming things phase. Every single thing he sees, he has to name. We drove to my parents' house and he must have said 100 times Nana? Papa? House? Car? (translation: We're going to Nana and Grandpa's house in the car).

He calls the spatula he's holding in the photo below, "patsa"
 He loves the spatula or "patsa" so much, he refuses to put it down!
He is in SUCH a delightful stage! We're having a whole lot less tantrums and "Stop It!" screaming matches (he competes with himself to see how loudly and annoyingly he can shout it at us...occasionally accompanying it with a smack towards one of us - which, by the way, always ends him up in time-out). He just is so observant now and is so wanting to show us everything and tell us everything.


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What a fabulous personality the little man has!

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