Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Connor's Big Boy Room Update

Here is the last update on the Big Boy Room we did before Kathe got here.

When Kathe was here, she got the bedspread, valance, and light switch plate ordered. She also picked out curtains and pinned them so that my mom can hem them for us. We moved one of our old dressers that we've had in our closet to the closet in his new room and Kathe got it all painted to match for us. She also put the curtains up for us (minus the window set). Next we're going to install clothing rods on both sides of the dresser so that we have a second row of clothes space (right now there's only a top rod).

Wall Art
 The Bed Spread and Valance (still need to put curtains up)
 The Light Switch Plate
 The Night Light

Mr. Howard is also going to fix the wainscoting in the room, paint it, and install more on the opposite wall. It's slowly but surely coming together. Luckily we have a little bit of time because the twins are still in our room and will be until they get close to sleeping through the night, which means that Connor doesn't need to go into his big boy room for a month or two.

This is where we're at:
Paint the room green
Paint the floorboards white
Buy monkey decorations for room
Buy a brown bedspread for the queen bed
Build the crib for this room
Put bedding in crib
Put monkey decorations up
Clean out closet (currently used as storage)
Paint dresser brown for closet
Install clothing rods
Buy curtains for room
Move Connor's clothes from nursery to big boy room
Fix trim
Install wainscoting on opposite wall
Prime "C-O-N-N-O-R" letters
Paint letters to match dresser


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