Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Day at the Park

While Kathe was here we stopped by McDonald's to grab some lunch and headed over to the park to play. Connor had such fun! He still wouldn't go in the water, which I so can't figure out. But he had fun anyway!

Grandma, Isabella, Aiden, Mr. Howard, and Connor
 Connor Eating Lunch
 Mama and Aiden
 Connor and his French Fries
 Playing with Daddy
 Daddy & Isabella, Mama & Aiden
 Daddy and Isabella
 Closeup of Daddy and Isabella
 Happy Boy with his Grandma
 Thinking about going in the water...but not going in the water...
 Making Faces at Daddy
 Paparazzi Shot - Daddy, Mama & The Twins
Connor took a fabulous nap, which meant that we took a fabulous nap!! And, really, anything that allows Connor to take a long nap makes for one HAPPY MAMA and DADDY!!

Our family routine is that as soon as we put Connor down for a nap, we feed the babies, I pump, and we crawl into bed, and sleep!!!


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