Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Day With Daddy's First Baby

After a crazy morning, yesterday I stayed home with both babies by myself. **I even breastfed AND bottle fed AND carried AND swaddled AND changed AND put to bed...BOTH babies BY MYSELF!!** Remind me when I have more time to tell you the hilarity of the whole thing when you have two babies who have absolutely NO control over any body parts...falling and rolling around...while you have a dog staring at you outside through the window barking his head off because you can't let him in the house... and you are trying to use stern looks (yes...stern looks with a dog...) to tell your dog to STOP HIS DARN barking... because you're afraid that shouting "NO!!!" loud enough so they can hear you through the window might make the babies cry. Ridiculous!

Daddy and Grandma Howard went to my parents' house to play at the pool with Uncle Colin, Rebecca, Nana, and Grandpa!


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