Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Doctor Visit

Daddy's Girl
 Mommy's Little Ones
Both babies looked good.

He still has jaundice (his face is pretty yellow...but his body looks good). They've both lost a little weight, but you have to remember they aren't two days old - they're a week. So it's a little more surprising...but nothing to lose sleep over.

Her jaundice is totally under control. She looks super pink and great!

So because our appointment was the week of the Fourth of July holiday, our pediatrician wasn't available. The NICU didn't feel comfortable letting us wait even a day until he came back, so they scheduled us with a pediatrician in the same office. And let me tell you how blessed we are to have our pediatrician that we love! Does that give you an indication of how it went? We showed up early (yep! You heard me! I'm not going to let a thing like having newborn twins and a two year old keep me from getting somewhere on time!) and had everything timed out perfectly (we changed our entire night feeding schedule and pumping schedule so that they would be perfect in terms of eating for their appointment). So we first waited about 5 minutes in the waiting room. THEN we waited over 55 minutes in the tiny little room. At one point a nurse came in and said that the pediatrician hadn't forgotten about us. She was just reading our chart. Suuuureeee! Aiden lost it and wanted to eat. Isabella started to cry at the end. I was angry and hormonal and super engorged. It was ridiculous! And on top of it all, the Dr. didn't even know basic things about Aiden and Isabella (like about how Aiden's biliruben levels had consistently gone up right until he was released...she thought they had gone down each day). If you're going to leave us in the tiny little room for 30 minutes while you're "supposedly" reading their charts, then you should know BASIC things like the fact that the NICU was most concerned about Aiden's jaundice when we were released. Grrrrrrrr!


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