Friday, July 29, 2011

First MNO!

I went to my first official Mothers of Multiples Moms Night Out and had SUCH a great time!! I honestly could have sat there for hours talking to moms who are going through the same thing. At one point one of the moms said, "Ohhh my milk just let down," and it made me smile. My poor family has to listen to me say that all the time and I'm sure they have trouble relating. But when that mom said it, we all laughed...My! How we all can relate!!

There was even a mom of quads! There's nothing more humbling than talking to a woman who is doing three times more work than you (she also has a four year old).

I can't wait to go to many many more! There is a sense of comraderie and sisterhood with moms of any types, but there's also something so special about talking to moms of twins who are getting the same sort of comments, going through the same struggles (e.g. breastfeeding twins), who've been through the NICU experience, and who you can just laugh with.

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