Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, My Dear Sweet Boy!

Dear Connor,

This year for your bithday we did something a little different. We packed up the car as a family with your brother and sister (our VERY FIRST TRIP AS A FAMILY) and headed over to target. You did a great job, but you had trouble keeping your hands to yourself. You wanted to help us so badly that you pulled Aiden's blanket off of him (I'm sure you figured he didn't need it) and you kept touching Isabella and Aiden's feet. At point I think you may have been too rough with them, in your eagerness to be helpful, because you made Aiden cry. You didn't really know what to think of that!
 We took you to the toy aisle and we let you pick out whatever present you wanted. At first you were confused and started picking up everything off the aisles that you could touch, but then you found a car you loved. You started playing with it on the floor and we showed you the set that the car came in. You seemed excited, so we put that in the cart and let you take it home.
 While you were napping, we built the car set for you (which is almost as tall as you) and let you see it after you woke up from your long nap. You were so excited to make the cars go down all the ramps. Daddy had fun too!
 We put it on the floor for you, so you could reach the top of it. You had such fun!

My Handsome Boy, I cannot believe you are two! I swear to you that you were just in my belly kicking away. It is surprising to me every moment of every day that you can be so smart. I am constantly telling your Daddy that I can't believe your ours. We feel so lucky!

You still amaze us everyday with the things that fascinate you. You love cars (hmmm...wonder where you got that from?). You especially love shoes (and on your birthday you wanted to wear these boots below). You love getting dressed and undressed (hence the outfit change - in case you were probably wore three different outfits on your birthday).
 You now say "CHEESE" when we want to take a photo of you. It makes your photos so much nicer as we can now actually kinda get you to pose! Pretty soon you'll have it down smoothly as Mommy loves taking photos of you non-stop!
For your special birthday treat in the evening, Mama made you your favorite cake pops! You had pizza for dinner and the delicious blue (you picked out the color for Mama to make) cake pops. What a treat!
 Now that Mommy and Daddy are in the midst of changing Isabella and Aiden's teeny-tiny preemie diapers (and even the preemie ones they have to fold down twice), we think you look like a giant. Of course, you're the perfect size. But it's hard to imagine you as little as your brothers and sister. You're such a big boy! I don't see us having to change your diaper as often anymore, because you're so wanting to be potty-trained (and we would be happy to not have to buy diapers for THREE babies!).
 Our favorite times with you are when we can just sit and enjoy your company - and watch you do things we didn't imagine would ever be possible. Who would have thought you could sit up, brush your teeth, have a conversation with us, and engage with us in such a toddler-ish way? Of course, that is what you're supposed to be doing, but when you were a baby, Mommy and Daddy kinda figured you'd stay that way forever. Everyday brings new challenges with you, but it also brings a renewed sense of joy and wonderment and immense love.
 We love that you have two brothers and a sister to share your life with, but we'll never forget what it was like to be a family of three. You will always be as important to us as you were that very first moment we laid eyes on you in the hospital.
Connor, I know that every year you will continue to get smarter and more vocal and perhaps even more challenging, but I hope you know that we love you for you. We don't care what you grow up to be or who you marry or where you live or what grades you have in school. All we care about is that you're kind and loving to the people you meet, that you enjoy life, that you're happy, that you keep your family close (especially your brother and sister because some day we won't be here anymore), and that you have lots and lots of friends who you lean on for support, advice, comfort, and most of all, companionship and laughter.
We love you times infinity to the infinite power!
Love Always,
Mommy and Daddy


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