Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"I'm a Big Brother Now!"

The day I went into labor, thankfully Kathe was home to be able to get Connor out of bed, get him fed, and dressed, and then thankfully preschool was able to take him an extra day (we called at 7am and they were so nice to squeeze him in). I don't know what we would have done if my water had broken and we were here by ourselves (well, yes, I do...we would have called and begged Courtney to help and she would have been fabulous). But it sure was nice to be able to focus on getting me out of my pjs, grab a few items (Mr. Howard was kind of a frantic mess - you'd think he had never done this before...hehe), and head out the door without a second worry as to what to do with Connor. And Courtney was soo wonderful because she totally offered to take Connor for us too! =)

The next day Kathe was able to watch him in the morning and then she brought him to the hospital to see us. He didn't get to the meet the babies because they were in the NICU, but he got to see me and Mr. Howard and climb up in my hospital bed. He did really well. You can see how much he LOVED the surgical gloves in the photos below...

Saturday, Mr. Howard, Casey, Jessica, her kids, Kathe, Colin, and Rebecca were able to take Connor to a playland in the afternoon so he could have some fun and get some extra special attention. And then Colin and Rebecca graciously took him back with them and watched him Saturday night and Sunday - giving Kathe some time to come to the hospital, shop, and clean for us (we came home to a sparkling house with clean laundry and a beautiful "It's a boy" and "It's a girl" signs in front of our house). Colin and Rebecca were soo good with him - even taking him to buy some shorts (it was H-O-T) and a coloring book with those AMAZING markers where they only work in the coloring book (Hallelujah to the creator of those!). Sunday my mom and sister helped with Connor too and they were all able to bring him over to the house for dinner - when Connor finally got to meet his little brother and sister. I'm sure at some point my dad helped too, but since I wasn't there I can't specifically praise him!

At the hospital - playing with a purse and some surgical gloves!
 Playing with Jameson in my hospital room!
 Meeting his Little Brother and Sister for the First Time!
Connor touching the babies' heads!
 Our Welcome Home Signs in front of our house!
We are SOOO lucky to have soo many family members who love Connor soo much and are soo willing to help us! It was nice that we could focus on the babies and not worry for one second that their big brother was well taken care of. Everyone seriously stepped up!


Lindsey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I never got my congrats in (darn vacations)!!! So here's a HUGE congrats heading your way!!! And what beautiful little blessings you have :). Praying for an easy adjustment. Oh and Isabella and Aiden share Ella's birthday...too fun!!!

Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I felt so bad that I even questioned it. I told Filip later I am the worst neighbor ever. All I can say is my brain is not working at it's normal capacity, but everyday is better! =)

He is totally playing with my purse! LOL. He has good taste like his mama!

Your family is just beyond incredible. You are both so blessed, not that you need me to tell you because you know and you feel it everyday.

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