Sunday, July 17, 2011


I can't believe it has already been three weeks! It was so nice having Kathe here to help us. It would have been impossible for us to get all that she got done in the nursery and big boy room! She also steam-cleaned our floors, swept, vacuumed, helped with dishes, made dinner, did our laundry (and folded it and put it on hangars)...all the things that we wouldn't have gotten to with our hectic lives. On top of all the cleaning, organizing, painting, and decorating she did...she also let us sleep in almost every morning. She would get Connor up in the morning, feed him breakfast, and hang out with him or watch cartoons with him so that Mr. Howard and I could get an extra 20 minutes/40 minutes/even an hour of sleep or we could feed the babies and then come out.

What are we going to do without her??

Grandma, Isabella, & Aiden
 Grandma, Isabella, Aiden, and Mr. Howard
 Grandma and Isabella
My sister took newborn photos of Kathe with the babies and Kathe and I'll post those when I get them. Until then...these will have to suffice.

Love you, Kathe!!


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