Friday, July 8, 2011

One Week Old

We decided to do a photo with the two of you each week together and then we'll give you each your own photo once a month, per the fabulous suggestion of my blog readers. I think it will be more manageable for me and will give you a comparison of how you're growing together.

Aiden and Isabella,
Here you are in Connor's Winnie-the-Pooh chair! Normally, Isabella, you are so much more content and quiet, but last night - Aiden was the calm, relaxed one. You were mad, mad, mad!
 Here you are with Connor's teddy bear. I tried to find his one week photo (to give you a comparison), but it looks as though I can only find his two week one!

You both are so much easier than I remember newborns being! I think your big brother, Cole, has put life into perspective for me. Waking up in the middle of the night a bunch of times seems likes the smallest sacrifice to make for having you in my life. It doesn't mean it's always easy, but the best things aren't always easy. Your daddy and I are both soo in love with you!

We are so different with you than we were with Connor. With Connor we never washed our hands or disinfected anything or worried about who was holding or touching him. We passed him around and let everyone hold him all the time. With you both, we are so guarded. I don't know if it's your big brother, Cole, that has us so much more protected, or if it has more to do with the fact that you are preemies who needed such special care in the hospital. I want to be carefree with you both and let whoever wants to hold you all the time hold you, but I just can't. It is also sooooo hard for me to let anyone feed you. You have to understand that I had planned on breastfeeding you exclusively and I still so desperately want that. Letting someone else feed you is (a) a reminder that I'm not able to do what I wanted and (b) contributing to you not ever being ready to nurse - the more you take the bottle, the less likely you'll want to nurse. I know that eventually I'll relax, but I have never had a four pound baby before - let alone TWO four pound babies. I have never had a sick baby before - let alone TWO. Some day when you're both teenagers you'll think it's funny that I wanted you alllllllll to myself, but for now, you don't get a vote! =) I love you both!

As a comparison, here are Connor's Weekly Photos


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

how are they a week old already!?!?! I love the weekly updates, and I love the monthly ones that little man had! How will you handle year 3 for him? precious babes!! Come on, get workin for triplets! ;)

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