Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Saturday Out and About

A few have commented that we're brave to take everyone out of the house, but honestly it isn't bravery. It's necessity. We have found that when we keep everyone home, Connor struggles to sleep well; the babies don't sleep very well at night; Connor spends the day in the house throwing temper tantrums and major fits; and Mama and Daddy go insane.
Yesterday we knew we needed to go to WholeFoods to get a nursing supplement (which by the way, is fabulous!! It's called Lactate Support by Gaia Herbs and it has Fenugreek, Fennel, Raspberry leaf, Blessed Thistle, and Marshmallow Root and you only have to take one at each meal - instead of the 9 a day I was taking of just Fenugreek).

We headed over to the Fountains and let Connor watch the show!
 And committed to being a giant spectacle. Ha!
 In the afternoon we took Connor around the block in his Mini Cooper. He loved it! The babies didn't love the heat (nor did Mama and Daddy)!

It was a blast! The more we take everyone out of the house, the easier it gets too.


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