Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Swimming With Friends

On Sunday we headed over to my parents' pool to go swimming with friends! It's so much more fun to go with little ones! I still can't swim because of my c-section and I am so bummed because it's been SUCH beautiful weather!! But at least they have a personal photographer! It was little Jackson's first time in the pool too, so that was fun to witness. All the boys had such a good time! Isabella and Aiden stayed in the shade and did what they do best - SLEPT!

Mr. Howard, Connor, Jackson, Casey, and Jameson
 Connor, Casey, and Jameson
 Jackson and Jessica
 Casey, Jameson, Jessica, and Jackson
 Connor and Daddy
Afterwards, everyone came over to our house and we barbequed. I didn't get any photos of that though, because I was nursing both babies, cleaning the kitchen, and helping get food prepared.


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