Sunday, July 10, 2011

What We've Been Up to...

It's so different this time around with the babies. With Connor we carried him everywhere with us. We went on walks every morning. We took him out to eat lunch with us. We went to museums and drove down to Southern California. This time around we're a lot more chained to the house - well, I'M a lot more chained to the house. It's one thing to take two sleeping babies with us everywhere; it's a whole different thing to take a 2 year old AND two newborns with us. Often if things need to get done (grocery shopping, picking up stuff for Connor's birthday, etc.) Mr. Howard has to go get them done with Connor and I stay home.

Daddy and The Babyeeeeeeez (or so Connor calls them)
 Connor holding the babies for the FIRST TIME!!!
 Aiden's preemie clothes don't fit him. We have to constantly put them back on him.
Thank Goodness for the Mothers of Multiples Group who brought me about 40 preemie outfits from their Preemie Closet to use until they don't need them anymore!
 When Mr. Howard, Kathe, and Connor leave - this is how they leave me: on the couch with both babies and a remote control. Mr. Howard also leaves me with two bottles and a water with ice.
 Connor is going through a rough time, which I think mainly is because he's two and partly is because he's got a new brother and sister in the house. He is yelling "Stop It!" on the top of his lungs at us, at my mom, at Kathe, or anyone else that is trying to tell him what to do. It's really fun! Really fun! We've spent a LOT of time in time-out the last few days. But then, at the same time our handsome boy will say and do the sweetest, most brilliant things and I think, "I am soo lucky! So lucky!" I love this picture below for the latter reason. He just melts my heart!
 For Connor's birthday Grandma got Connor this pool for our yard and he could not be any happier (well, I guess he'd be happier if we dug up our yard and put a real pool in...hehe)! He is loving it! Gosh I wish we had a pool - we'd be in it EVERY SINGLE day!!!


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Congrats on your new little ones!! Life must be so exciting--and tiring!--right now. Happy birthday to Connor too :)

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