Monday, August 8, 2011

Brotherly Bond

Connor and Aiden have this bond that I can't explain. I think it's hillarious that he seems to know that Aiden is his brother. I know that he and his little sister are going to have their own wonderful bond and it's going to be protective and loving, but for now he has one with Aiden. And it is hillarious.

"Aiden! Car!" he said as he loaded five cars on top of him. Isn't it funny that he didn't share any with Isabella! Honestly, I thought it was so funny and snapped a photo so quickly, I didn't really even have time to suggest he share them with Isabella too.
"Aiden. Mine." he said as he reached for him this morning. We put him on his lap and he softly held him in his arms. (While I'm only posting photos and videos of when he is gentle, I was just telling a blogging friend Destiny the other day, he is also VERY rough with them at times).
 I just know they are all going to have a special bond, but I think there is always something a little extra special about same gendered siblings (like me and my sister). There will be things that Aiden and Connor can share with each other that they might not dare say to their sister.
I feel so lucky that my children have each other. I know they won't always be friends, but I hope they get along way more often than they fight. And I really hope that some day when they are older and married, that they go on double dates, eat dinners together, call and get advice from each other, and watch each others kids...I just want them to have a bond.


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love Connor's shorts!! I think my Connor has them in every color! The shirts too! =)

My sister and I got along amazingly well as kids, then as teenagers...oy. We are very different people, but while we get along pretty well now that we do have our own families, I do wish we had that giddy relationship, that best friend bond...similar to what you and Katie have. Glad to see your earth boys are learning that bond. My girls get along better with each other than either do with their brother..but they all love each other and darn it...they will forever! =)

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