Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Isabella and Mama

I have been having such a great time just loving on my babies! School starts for my coworkers tomorrow and I could not be more out of the loop. I realized yesterday I hadn't even talked to my long-term sub and probably needed to tell her how to plan. Crazy that it took me until yesterday to realize that!

I did, however, spend several hours trying to work in the classroom today and realized I am SO NOT ready to go back. I love what I do - SERIOUSLY love it...but I am definitely not ready for the 6am wake-ups after a night of no sleep.

I love the photo on the top right below because she's crying - not that I love that she's upset - but it's such a real photo. Rarely do I snap photos when she's crying because I'm obviously trying to console her, but she started right as I snapped the photo. I instinctively turned to kiss her.
I am seriously behind on emails - so if you've emailed me, I will get back to you by Friday.


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