Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just Keeping it Real

Have I mentioned how much I SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY love this stage?! I have to say that this is my favorite age! I always thought I was more of a baby person than a toddler person, but maybe it was just because the toddlers weren't mine! =)

Of course, with the good, comes the challenging too. And I'm not going to sugarcoat it. Having a two-year-old is rough. And having two infants who need to be held causes grief for said two-year-old. Dinner is the roughest part of the day because the hungrier and more tired we all get, the more meltdowns we encounter.

Our latest battle has been the high-chair. Connor is a big boy. He eats what we eat; he goes where we go; he can answer you and talk to you; he is starting to learn his alphabet, etc. But we still require him to sit in a highchair. We've found that if we don't, he runs around with his food and really struggles to stay put. But each time that we require him to sit in the chair, he throws a tantrum. Can I just take a tiny tangent and tell you how ridiculously smart kids are, too? I mean, he's two and he's already mastered the "throw yourself down on the ground and act like someone is killing you" pout. How do they do that?!? It is sometimes difficult to stay calm in those moments, but sometimes they just make you want to laugh. I'm sure he could fool someone.

I mean, he sounds like he really is injured
but then...
you look...
for just a moment...
Wait! What? He doesn't have tears? This is all just an act! No! Impossible!!

Ha! Connor we're on to you!

Mr. Howard took this video of Little Man. And just because we love him soo much and don't ever want to forget these moments - because some day they'll be replaced with teenager pouts - much quieter, but WAY more deadly - we'll post it for all of you to see too. And in case it hurts your ears, I suggest you go to 1:28 seconds and watch him go from full-blown scream to dead silence (no tears) as he realizes he's still being filmed. I think that pretty much sums up a two-year-old tantrum in all its glory.

Don't want to give you an air of we've got it all figured out over here...because God knows there are days when things aren't rosy and all smiles. We're just keeping it real...


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

On the highchair thing, do you think he would prefer one of the chair "high-chairs"? The ones you can attach to a chair and strap them in still, they have a tray or you can push it up to the table. Might make him feel more "grown-up" and have that time with you, might save some room for a few months until the babes are in em!! =) I loved those things!

The Schult Family said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I agree, you might want to try a "booster seat". We have S's that straps to a chair, but can slide right up to the table. You don't have the easy clean up of a tray,though, but it might help transition your big boy! Let me know if you want it!...D

Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

We tried that and unfortunately the behavior was worse. He refused to sit down. Diana, Colleen gave me one this past June. Thank you so much, though! =)

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