Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nursery Complete

In my last nursery update (the day before the twins were born) I think I put photos up, but we hadn't done Aiden's bed yet (Connor's bedding was still in the room and we still had his crib tent up). We've since fixed that and completed Aiden and Isabella's closet. All of Connor's clothes now reside in his big boy room and the twins have all their clothes in the nursery closet. It's a very small room and it's hard to photograph, so I've done the best I can...

Their beds and names:
 We have Disneyland hats for Cole and Connor...now we need them for Aiden and Isabella!
 Some of the details:
Their sides of the room:
 Little Girl Clothes Hanging in the Closet...
 The Chair My Parents Got me for Christmas:
 The Back Wall

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