Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Mr. Howard's Facebook status: We survived camping and offroading on the Rubicon Trail...Who said you can't do the Rubicon in a stock land rover?!

So, for those who know what it is, we offroaded the Rubicon Trail. To say it was hairy, is the understatement of the year. Honestly, it was pretty crazy. I would definitely not recommend it without having a full-blown offroad vehicle. We did it; but we would not do it again and we only went to Wentworth Springs (which is a teeny-tiny portion of it). For those who don't know what the Rubicon is, it is a 22 mile offroading trail that is one of the most famous offroading trails in the US. They have an event every year call the Jeepers Jamboree (the oldest, toughest and largest organized offroading event of this type in the world). Some of you may have heard of the Rubicon Jeep (which is obviously named after the trail). =)

While the photos show what a fun time we had in the beginning, you won't see any photos after a few hours and that is because at a certain point it became un-fun. It became stressful. I think right around the time that our car got stuck and my husband, who is ALWAYS so relaxed and calm, said to me when I asked if he was worried, "I'm not worried YET, but we need help." I began to freak out. Then a few hours later when Casey's car slipped and crashed into a rock, I was at the point where I thought, "*&*!" I, honestly, just wanted to make sure we were all okay. The time it took us from when we got to Wentworth Springs to the time we walked in our door with all the babies at home was almost 7 hours. And from the time we got in the car in the morning until we got home was over 11 hours. The babies only got out of the car twice (and we had two two-year-olds and two seven-week-olds in the car with us). Once was to change their diapers and then I had to put them right back (yeah...that was fun! Try explaining to a 2-year-old that he can't get out of the car) and the other was when we got to Jessica's house to transfer all our stuff into our car and drop off Connor's friend. Before you judge us as parents, we HONESTLY thought it was going to be a two hour trip. And it probably would have been if we had been in a different car or if we had turned around at the end of the granite bowl.

To make matters worse, on the trail I got sick. I'm not sure if it was truly being car sick or if I was stressed or if it was just my stomach being upset. Regardless, I threw up. On the way home, Connor started throwing up from car sickness. Minutes later Isabella started throwing up. It was a horrible, horrible end to a looooong trip.

The positives were that we had a lot of fun in the beginning and Connor HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME having a buddy in the seat next to him. He kept saying, "Jameson!" and even when I went back to see how they were doing several hours into the trip, he said, "Mama, Jameson?" When I told him I knew Jameson was sitting right next to him and asked if he liked it, he said, "Mmmm-hmmmm!" really loudly while shaking his head up and down. Sooo cute!

Here's an example of what COULD happen. We were very careful and Mr. Howard and Casey are amazing offroading drivers and spotters, so I trusted them completely. And if we hadn't had babies with us, I would have felt differently. But whew! I should also mention that we got off the trail before we got to this part of the Rubicon.


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