Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Busy Saturday

On Saturday we had three events and they were all roughly at the same time. We had Connor's friend, Jameson's, second birthday party at 2pm. Then we had a Mothers of Multiples Ice Cream Social with all the twin and triplet families at 4pm. And then we had a friend's BBQ at 4pm. **Notice we had two events at 4pm** We were able to make an appearance at everything, although we would have loved to stay longer at each one. I dressed the kids in coordinating/matching outfits and they were such a hit everywhere we went!

Grandpa and Aiden at the BBQ:
 Nana and Isabella:
 Aiden and Connor in their matching outfits:
 Isabella, Connor, and Aiden:
 Daddy and Connor eating cake:
 Connor was sooo excited to be swimming. He'd run from the jacuzzi, to the pool, to me and the babies, then back to the pool. He had the biggest smile on his face!
 Remember my theory of a certain camera shy baby girl?!? Here's photographic evidence!
It was so fun to talk to other moms and dads with kids who have multiples. Of course there are universal commonalities for all of us moms and dads, but it's nice to be able to laugh about the things that are unique to our situation (like how many times we get asked, "are they twins?" - ummm no I just had two newborns at the same time - hehe).


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I will say...someone at Connor's party asked me if they were twins..i won't say who, mainly because I do not remember..but it made me laugh then, and now. =)

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