Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seven Weeks Old

I can't remember who got us these adorable outfits, but they are cute!!!!!!! Aiden is a giraffe, complete with a giraffe hat and Isabella is a butterfly. I knew it'd be more challenging to get photos of them than it was with Connor, but is WAY harder. You have to get two little humans who have no control over any of their limbs to look in your direction, stop drooling, not cry, plus get the perfect angle, make sure that the card can be seen, keep the teddy upright, keep their hats on (every time they fall, the hats come off), make sure their hands aren't in front of their eyes...shall I go on?

But they are worth it. I hope some day they appreciate seeing how much they grew.  
Their outfits are newborn size and they are WAYYY too big (they have about 3-4 inches in their pants), but I'm worried that if we don't start putting them in some of the outfits, the weather will change and they won't get to be in their newborn clothes at all (the majority of the clothes we have in newborn size are summer clothes).


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

how is this possible?? SEVEN weeks? They are looking more alike to me...maybe it is just how they are posed today. You are doing awesome Howard family. They are looking great!

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