Friday, August 12, 2011

Six Weeks Old

I think Isabella is camera shy...a trait she certainly does NOT get from me. Every single time we try to do their weekly photos, she freaks out - I mean screaming-can't be consoled-shaking-pouty lip-tantrums. She's normally the mellow one and yet it seems that each week, she screams and he chills.

I am fully aware you can't read their sign. It was impossible to get one with it in the proper spot. Sorry! Basically it says that Auntie Jen, Uncle Colin, and Rebecca all came in town and Aiden and Isabella loved the visitors. They're getting bigger and can even fit into some newborn clothes, although preemie clothes still fit too. It's going by too quickly!!!
 We haven't come up with a good nickname for Aiden yet. His shirt says Little Man, but I'm kinda thinking he should be "Littler Man" and Connor will stay "Little Man."
We get a lot of questions about what people should call Isabella. We are open to it all. We knew that by naming her something that lends itself to a lot of nicknames, we'd hear it all and honestly, there isn't a name we don't like. My dad calls her Izzy. Mr. Howard calls her Bella. I call her Isabella Lynn. Connor calls her Ella and Izzy interchangeably. I'm sure she'll have her own opinion about what she prefers, but for now we like all her nicknames. 


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