Thursday, August 11, 2011

Uncle Colin and Rebecca

My brother stayed in town from last Friday all the way until yesterday! While Connor was in preschool, we headed over to my parents' house Monday and Tuesday to spend time with them.

It is absolutely hillarious...Connor refuses to say Uncle Colin. He will say anything else you ask him to. You can even make up a word and he'll repeat it, but then as soon as you say, "Say Uncle Colin," he'll stop cold or change the subject by saying something like, "Ride?" or he'll say one of the other names you've instructed him to say, like "Becca!" Oftentimes when we'd ask him to say it, he'd say "Nova!" (which is their dog's name). It is the absolute strangest thing I have ever seen. He used to say it. After the twins were born he said "Colin?" a million times after they went home to San Diego. I have no idea what started it.

 Regardless, Connor does love him immensely! He also loves Rebecca (my brother's girlfriend), who seriously has an amazing relationship with kids of all ages. She was such a huge help with the babies this past week. She'd hold babies, change them for me, and even helped babysit them for a bit for me (with Colin's help, of course) while Mr. Howard went golfing for several hours.

We can't wait for them to come back and visit!


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