Sunday, September 11, 2011

Diana and Sophia

My friend Diana came over last Saturday to hang out with me and serve as an extra set of hands. =) Sophia and Connor had such a great time hanging out together!

I only got two photos because I was too busy catching up with my friend.

Sophia and Harley
 Diana and Connor

I also just realized I never posted these photos. These are from when Diana and Sophia came over to meet the babies after they were born and came home from the NICU! (I think I was holding Aiden in these photos)!

It's always so much fun exchanging stories with Diana and it's really nice because Sophia is a little over a year older than Connor. I get to hear about the stage that I have to look forward to (or not) from Diana and usually she has some great advice. One thing that Diana shared with me that has made my life soo much better is giving a voice to your kids when they are having a tantrum or are upset. So, when Connor is screaming because he wants something that I won't give him, I've learned to say, "I can see that you're upset about ____. I'm sorry that it makes you upset, but we can't have that right now. Would you like to play with _____ instead?" It's been life changing! Of course, like anything, it doesn't always work. But the times that it does, you can just see it on his face: Wow. Someone gets it.

I also love hearing all about Sophia with her twin experience. Diana shows her videos and photos from the blog and they talk about it. Well, now Sophia has her own twin dolls and, if I'm correct, has named them Izzy and Aiden. It was funny because Diana pointed out dolls or twins (can't remember exactly) and said they were twins. Sophia quickly explained that they couldn't be twins because they were both girls. Ha! She thought that twins were only one boy and one girl! =)


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