Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An iPhone Dump

I constantly take photos on my iPhone and keep thinking I'll make posts for each of these...but then I never get to it. So, alas...I am giving up and dumping them...

This is what our kitchen looks like...unless I have company and then I hide them to give the pretense that my kitchen is cleaner than it really is.
 We love going to my parents' house because it means our hands are baby-free for a little while...the ONLY time they're baby free (as we speak type I have a baby in my lap)
 I love this man!
 Aiden and Isabella at their FIRST day of school. Ahh I love them!
 Bedtime Cuddles with my Babies
 I text Mr. Howard photos during the day while he's working and I'm home with all the kiddos. I texted him this photo with the message "Neener Neener, Daddy!"
 Stupid Blogger changed the order of my photos. I feel like you can see the babies better in the one below, but I couldn't decide which one I liked better. Haha!
 Here they are in their second day outfits (my bed is not colored funny...don't know why it made it look like that). I'm kinda obsessive and dress them in coordinating colors. Connor was in a cute orange shirt too. =)
 I like this one because I think it shows their personalities. Aiden is chillaxing and Isabella is whacking him in the face.
 This is what it looks like when we go out to eat. Connor is sitting like a big boy, Aiden and Isabella are sitting on chairs of their own, we have a diaper bag propped, and then Mr. Howard and I sit on opposite ends of Connor. I think we had three people ask me if they were twins. Nope!
 This was taken right after they ate. I have these sleepers that swaddle them (Halo Sleepsacks); I loved them until they learned how to unswaddle themselves. I think they like torturing us at night. Connor never liked to be swaddled, but Aiden and Isabella MUST be swaddled to sleep.
I have been cooking up a storm lately. I made stuffed bell peppers the other night.
My absolute favorite new recipe I've found is Buffalo Chicken Bites . (I found them on pinterest). Oh my goodness. They are seriously heaven. You actually make fresh dough and then bake the dough and buffalo chicken mixture inside at the same time. It makes them into little sealed bites. I also found a recipe for avocado fries on pinterest and if I was still pregnant, you BETTER BELIEVE I would make them. I am, however, sticking to weight watchers while focusing on protein and iron (for breastfeeding and my anemia), but I am in dire need of some serious weight loss. I really don't think avocado fries would fit the bill. Too bad!

Alright. I'm all caught up!


Arianna said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love what you said about "giving the pretense that your house is cleaner..." Don't we all do that? Made me laugh!

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