Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Kiddos

Last week when I posted their nine week photos, I meant to post these too in a separate post, but I got so busy.

A funny comparison - Aiden Nine-Weeks-Old
 Connor 26-Months Old
 A close-up of them!
 Connor's wearing a "Big Brother" shirt that matches Aiden and Isabella's.
 Remember when I wrote that Connor has this amazing connection with Aiden and that he doesn't even really realize Izzy exists? Well, he does now. He loves her soo much and especially loves to touch her head lovingly or fix her bows.
 He's always saying to me, "Mama, hold it?" The "it" he's referring to are the babies. In this photo below, he wanted to hold Aiden.
 Even at preschool/daycare, they're always saying to us, "Connor is soo cute and protective of his little brother and sister." I guess one of the babies was crying one day, and Connor went over and showed another little kid how to make them happy. He rubbed their heads and then took the hand of his friend and showed her how to rub their heads.
I was so nervous before they were born that Connor wouldn't be nice to them - not because he's a mean little boy, but because he wouldn't understand or wouldn't want to share the attention. But it's been wonderful. I can count the number of times Connor has actually been mean to them on one hand (timeouts help a lot with that); mostly if he makes them cry, it is because he is either being too rough or because he has stolen their pacifiers. But more often than not, he is the one comforting them and telling one of them, "It's okay...Ada/Izzy." Thank goodness too, because I have my hands full and need the help!


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