Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Morning Work Routine

This isn't a "boo-hoo...I have it sooo hard" post. This is simply so that some day when I look back at this and read about my day, I'll remember what I did and then I can say with a smile, "Wow! And I survived!" In case you're wondering why I do all this on my own, my hubby works earlier than me - so four days a week this is my routine. Obviously on the weekends when I'm home, we have a different morning routine. And I should also say that I prayed and prayed for this chaos in my life - so I wouldn't change it for a minute...although thank God I'm organized. Can you imagine getting all this done without organization in your life?

So here is my morning schedule:
5:20am - alarm goes off and/or babies wake up
5:25am - get out of bed, make two bottles, come back to bed, feed both babies, and burp them
5:45am - shower as fast as I can because two babies are screaming =)
6:00am - get out of shower, take care of babies (get them settled), do my make-up, & get dressed
6:15am - start coffee
6:20am - start breakfast. I make two pieces of toast and eat them and drink my coffee while blowdrying my hair
6:30am - make Connor's breakfast and put in diaper bag.
6:34am - pack lunch for me (weight watchers meal, water, pretzels snack) and pack diaper bag for babies (change of clothes, formula, bottles, diapers)
6:39am - pump breastmilk while spending a few minutes with the babies; put breastmilk in the fridge
6:59am - change Aiden's outfit and put a fresh diaper on him
7:03am - change Isabella's outfit and put a fresh diaper on her
7:07am - put both babies in their car seats
7:10am - go in and wake Connor up, change him into a fresh diaper, out of his pajamas, and put him in an outfit
7:15am - take him straight to the car with his monkey and his blanket
7:16am - go back into the house and get the babies and put them in the car
7:17am - go back into the house and get the diaper bag, my purse, my lunch, my coffee and take to the car
7:19am - give Connor his breakfast from the diaper bag to eat while we drive
7:20am - drive to daycare. Connor and I sing songs and chat (usually he points out everything we're driving past and asks me a million times where Daddy is)
7:27am - get out and unstrap Connor. Carry him to the curb with monkey and blanket. Tell him to wait.
7:27am - walk around to the other side of the car and get both babies' car seats out
7:27am - set babies in their seats on sidewalk next to Connor
7:27am - get diaper bag out of the front seat, pick up both babies, and walk all three to the door
7:28am - unstrap Aiden and Isabella from their seats and put them in the swing.
7:29am - check-in with daycare about how they're doing/who will pick them up/any other relevant info, kiss Connor goodbye, kiss babies goodbye. **This process can last anywhere from 4 minutes to 15 depending on what information I need to convey to daycare**
7:35am - get back in car and drive to work.

**Usually somewhere in there I also straighten the kitchen, straighten the bed, clean the coffee pot, and one day a week I also write the check for daycare and put it in the bag. On days when the babies wake up at 4, I try to blog or catch up on emails too.**
One additional day a week I do all this, but then I have to drive to two separate places. One kiddo goes to daycare and the other two go to my parents' house.


Andrea said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Bless your heart!! And I thought I had my hands full with one baby! You are a strong woman for not making coffee before anything =) Hope you have a great weekend! ~Andrea

Amy Walton said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

omg I am exhausted reading that ;) You're amazing.

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