Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Sister's 25th Birthday

I'm behind in posting about my sister's birthday (welcome to my life)!

For her party, she invited some friends over to a barbeque at my parent's new house and some swimming! Mr. Howard and I had had a rough night the night before as Aiden and Isabella REALLY did not sleep and we were feeling it. That morning Mr. Howard had a migraine and needed to sleep it off, so in addition to not getting any sleep, I had to watch all three by myself while my hubby slept in bed. I totally feel for him when he isn't feeling well, but Sunday's are our only day with help - it's the only day we're home together. So it's rough when we have to do it by ourselves. It's especially rough when Connor knows Daddy's home and keeps calling, "DADDDY!!! DADDY?"

So we all felt a little frazzled when we went to the party; additionally, neither of us felt like going swimming, but we knew someone had to watch Connor in the pool - thankfully, my sister agreed to take him in with her (at her own party, nonetheless). Thanks Katie!

A new common occurrence: Let's pose for a family photo...and Connor's off running!
 Isabella Lynn
 Connor had so much fun!
 Playing with a squirt gun!
 Feeding Babies
 Aunt Katie and Her Nephew
 Aiden Chillaxing
 Grandpa and Connor
 Most of the time Connor looks so big to me, but look at him here!
 Mama and Aiden
 Daddy, Connor, Nana and Isabella, Grandpa (I had Aiden)
 Mama and the Babes
 Our second attempt at a family photo - and Connor is off running again!
 He found a giant piece of wood!
 Aunt Katie and Connor

 Aiden Patrick
 I asked Mr. Howard if I could take a picture of him and this is what he did....
 Okay, be serious!
 Be still, my heart!
 Dance, Dance!
 I loved watching the boys do the dance game!
 Happy  Birthday, Sissy!
 And time for gifts!
 So fun!
 Mom and Dad


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