Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nephrology Appointment

Just lounging around on the couch!
 We had Aiden and Isabella's pediatric nephrology appointment on Wednesday and it was incredibly informative. I didn't just feel like the doctor was in and out and on to the next patient. Instead he sat down, had us pull up our chairs to the patient bed, where he got out a marker and started drawing us pictures of kidneys, listing names of diseases, listing out symptoms, etc. Even as he'd tell us a name, he'd write it and say, "hydronephrosis - hydro meaning from water, nephros meaning kidney." He listened to us, asked us what we knew about their conditions, and then expanded upon what we knew. He told us percentages and likelihoods that we'd have to operate. "If there's ____ much function, there's a ____% chance we'd have to operate..."

I felt really good upon leaving the appointment. We have a bunch of scheduled tests over the next few months. We have a kidney function test, an ultrasound, and something else (can't remember). It was a lot of information, given that we have two babies who each have their own kidney issues. Aiden has multicystic dysplastic kidney disease in one kidney; Isabella has a complete duplicated ureter. Both are different things, but pretty much have the same problems (reflux, kidney infections, urinary tract infections) and they could both require surgery.

We are praying that Aiden has no function in his kidney (sounds funny, doesn't it?). The doctor said if he has between 1-25% function it can cause problems and problems means potential surgery. No function would most likely result in Aiden's kidney simply shriveling up, meaning no surgery. We're also praying Isabella's duplicated ureter is not causing reflux (urine going back up into the second ureter which would cause infection and potential surgery).

I was also super encouraged by what Dr. Orloff said about Aiden being able to do whatever he wants (with only one kidney). He even said he can play contact sports, with extra precautions. The only thing he said is an ABSOLUTE no with only one kidney is motorcycles. Mr. Howard thought that was funny because I really, really, really am opposed to motorcycles (not for everyone...I think they're great for other people...but for me, personally, and my family - they petrify me). So now I have a medical reason to not allow my child to ride one! Wooo-hooo!


Amy Walton said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

When I told my mom this, when the twins were born, she said my grandma (her mom) had only one kidney! I never knew. She was always just fine it seems! :) (I'd guess she never rode a motorcycle ;) )

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