Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Todays Moments are Tomorrow's Memories

There are some stories I haven't wanted to forget lately...

I was standing on the coffee table and I heard from across the room, "Mama, No! Get down!" Those of you on facebook, saw my response. Ahhh now I get it. He knows the rules; but only when they apply to OTHER people.

We are doing buddies with my seventh graders (they have kindergarten buddies). Today one of my seventh graders was trying to explain to a five year old what a mouse or rat was. He said, "They're little and they make a tiny eeeeek sound. You know, when you're house is really dirty, they might come and live there." Ha!

Connor had a complete meltdown the other night because I put him in the shower; evidently he wanted to be in the bath (of course, if I had put him in the bath, he would have wanted the shower...). So we're standing in there together and I'm putting soap on him and he said, "" He gets that to form sentences you have to string words together, but hasn't quite mastered the art of making sentences that are coherent.

A few nights ago, we were all asleep (I want to say it was somewhere around 2am) and I got woken up to Connor on the baby monitor. He was saying, "Mama? Maaammmaa? Pizza?" Ha! Can you guess who he takes after? When I told Mr. Howard the story (of course, just like a man, he slept through do they do that?!?), he said, "Yeah I dream about pizza too!"

We have a crazy neighbor and she has a pet rabbit. I use the term "pet" very loosely, because he is not caged, nor am I confident she even feeds him (why else would he come over and torture me?). We have casually confronted her about this rabbit that keeps getting into our yard, but our neighbors (who truly are Crazy Lady's neighbors...they're the house that separates us from her) have confronted her outright about the rabbit. She informed them that he is a "free" rabbit and does not BELIEVE in caging him. Well, Mr. Free Rabbit continues to get in our fence and crawls under our patio. This is a nightmare because Jake barks and barks and barks and barks and...okay I'll stop writing it...but really, he barks a lot. He also digs to get to him. We set him free the other day (first Mr. Howard did all sorts of things to get him out of the patio and then the rabbit escaped back out of our fence into our middle neighbors yard). I joked with my hubby one day via text that we gave the rabbit an intelligence test and he failed...because the next day he was back under our patio. I mean, come on. He really thinks that the most cozy, wonderful home is underneath our patio with a hunting dog trying to get at him all day long. Ridiculous! He's lucky he hasn't gotten eaten. Our neighbor (other side, wonderful friend) texted me, "I looked over the fence and didn't see any rabbit parts strewn about...yet."

This was the iPhone photo the hubby sent me
I am LOVING having a little doll to dress up. I know that some day she will chose what she wears and knowing Mr. Howard and I, she may even be the opposite of girlie...but for now, I'm loving putting her in dresses, bows, skirts, and bloomers. *As an aside, I don't care if she grows up to be the opposite of girlie. She would make a fabulous tomboy too!* I know Aiden is appreciative too, because if he had been my only baby, I may have put him in a few dresses and bows to get my girlie fix. And my husband may have even gone along with it, had it meant I wouldn't bug him to have more babies. ;-) Ha!


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

totally laughing out loud about the rabbit part!! haha! BTW...we are rabbit sitting for my sister this weekend. Made me chuckle when she asked me! Her rabbit likes her cage though!

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